The Great North Woods


At first light, on the morning of November 15th, while on route to my regular hunting grounds, I came across the track of a large Maine buck. The track led me into unknown territory, and tough to navigate terrain. I had to fight my way through tightly packed snow covered pine boughs, crawl through dense brush, climb over blow downs, slide down steep ridges, and cross a wet snow covered cedar bog…. Read More

In the fall of 2015, having recently moved to Rangeley, I was looking forward to learning how to hunt the big woods of Maine. I grew up hunting small plots of private land and was not yet accustomed to hunting what felt like limitless boundaries. This season would mark my second year hunting among Maine‚Äôs Western Mountains. During my first season the mountains were consistently blanketed with fresh snow. This allowed me… Read More

Although I didn’t tag out myself during the 2017 Maine deer season, this season was one of the most exciting deer seasons I have ever experienced. Scouting began in September as I stepped back into the woods to lay eyes on previous years’ hunting areas and to check trail cams placed at the end of the 2016 season. When approaching the first GPS marker I realized my camera was no longer on… Read More