About Me

DIY European mount of my 2018 Whitetail mounted on drift wood I found while muskie fishing a remote section of the St. John River.

Hello, my name is Jessica Martin.

I am 30 years old and live among the Western Mountains of Maine in the scenic town of Rangeley. I work as a medical surgical nurse. When I am not running the halls of my local hospital you can find me hunting and fishing in western and northern Maine.

Recently it has become clear to me that I have an obsession. Preoccupied with planning my next hunting and fishing trips I find myself consumed with memories of wading for muskie on remote sections of the St. John River. I catch myself longing for cold spring mornings trolling for salmon on Rangeley Lake. I imagine warm July afternoons casting over weeds beds in search of smallmouth bass on Lake Umbagog. My mind drifts between thoughts of the elusive Maine black bear and memories of tracking whitetail through snow covered hardwood ridges.

This obsession has driven me to gain a better understanding of Maine’s wild places and wild things. With this blog I would like to share, through stories and observations, the lessons I have learned. For me hunting is not a season, it’s a way of life.

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